Circular Music

Meeting, Playing and Connecting Through Music


Organic, practical and inclusive music.


It’s a way of making music, a way that values both individual and collective expression through the inclusion in the circle and listening to one another.

Circular Music includes practices such as drum circle, body percussion (or body music), circular singing, musical games and dances, which are altogether to reinforce self esteem through team work: the expression of the self in a collective creative effort.


These techniques, along with the resources and the meaning of Circular Music, are to create a judgment free environment open to experimentation and for the ones involved to have fun. Very importantly they offer a chance to voice people’s creativity, allowing them to connect with the community in creating a musical village.


Connecting with one another to create Music and creating Music to connect with each other.


Environments that can benefit for it:

Schools: adaptable to different typologies and grades it helps pursuing educational and formative goals.

Social Inclusiveness: elderly, special needs groups and marginal communities.

work Environment: team building, professional formation and empowerment in the work place.

Public Events: holiday fairs, festivals.


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