Workshop for children

Playing with Music, Playing Making Music, Music to Play with.






Music beyond its performative meaning intended to be a true instrument for self rediscovery and awareness of the surrounding community through the universal non-verbal language.




  • learn how to listen and respect one another
  • relating to the others and developing a positive relationship
  • improving cooperatively within the group
  • developing creativity and expressing of the self 



  • learning the basics of rhythmic variation and modulation (strong-week, fast-slow)
  • individual and group rhythm management
  • developing sensorial and psycho-motor skills
  • facilitate self discipline through the rigorous structure imposed by rhythm
  • experimenting with sharing, sense of community, perception of one’s role in the group
  • developing self-control, resistance and concentration
  • controlling and directing emotions and strong impulses in order to turn them into creative energy
  • facilitate concentration and relaxation through repetitive rhythms



  • Drum Circle
  • Circular Music
  • Body Percussion
  • Sound Painting
  • use of a variety of musical instruments, predominantly percussions
  • musical dialogue with the instruments
  • use of voice and singing
  • use of the body: movement, elements of motor-psychology and dancing
  • use of elements pertaining the theatrical language
  • song composition and improvisation
  • story making/telling and environmental sound techniques

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