Drum Circle

A circle of drums, a musical village

Musical and Rhythmic Experience Conducted by Mauro Faccioli


Drum Circle is a communal experience in which the people involved can experiment and experience the beauty of creating music with a variety of percussions.

Listening, Experimenting and Improvising.

Everyone can be part of it and there’s no need to be a musician.

Facilitated Drum Circle is a technique elaborated by Arthur Hall in the USA during the ‘80s. A conductor facilitates the creation of an orchestra of percussions through rhythmic games and easy dynamics, allowing each element to listen to one another and share the collective music process.

Reinforcing the sense of community through the creation of a positive and fun climax.

Drum Circles establish a stress free environment where the people involved can fully enjoy a rich and uplifting experience.

Through playfulness and improvisation Drum Circles also challenge the individual’s sense of hearing while collaborating and connecting with the group.

Improvisation and freedom of expression. Drum Circles are unique experience in which individuals connect with their own self awareness and the collective around them.


Environments that can benefit for it:

Work Environment: team building, professional formation and empowerment in the work place.

Private Clientele: Personal Growth.

Schools: adaptable to different typologies and grades it helps pursuing educational and formative goals.

Social Inclusiveness: elderly, special needs groups and marginal communities.

Public Events: holiday fairs, festivals.


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