Drum Circle

The New Rhythm of Team Building


Drum Circle is the team building effort that allows the group to create “music in the moment” through the conduction of a facilitator. It’s also used as a metaphor for the phases the group undergoes in order to express its potential, developing each individual’s ability to relate to the others involved, ultimately improving the work environment.


Drum Circle immediate success in the corporate world made it one of the most popular activities in the team building realm. It goes beyond the highly energetic and fun environment it creates. It inspire and improves the ability of each individual to listen to one another as they’re a synchronized orchestra, ultimately consolidating the group effort of the whole ensemble. Nonetheless it’s open to the team’s members to volunteer as a conductor, helping improving their leadership skills.

Why Team Building throught Drum and Percussion?


Both music and rhythm have the ability to light up almost immediately the team spirit and emotional involvement of the participants, inspiring and enhancing in the whole team elements such as empathy, listening and communication. As a result, the limitations of the individuals dissolve into the ensemble having fun in making music.

“Orchestra” becomes the perfect metaphor to the team’s dynamics within the work place.


In discovering and developing the equilibrium needed in the consolidation of an orchestra, the participants understand and interiorize the meaning of their contribution within the group effort to create music, with the result of transposing that value into their professional roles.


Examples in wich this practice has been helpful:


 Management Change: to facilitate major changes in the corporate environment

Leadership: to help develop leadership in the work place and ameliorate HR management

Teamwork: to create, develop and consolidate team in the work place

Effective Communication: to help developing listening to one another and improve the relationships within the group

Incentivize: to inaugurate and motivate the proposal of new ideas and projects

Stress Relief: creating a judgment free environment to help stress relief through experimenting with the synergy of the team

Creativity: to enhance the creativity of each individual in relation with the other members of the team

Convention & Meeting: to create a dynamic environment and revitalizing mental energy in favor team spirit and motivation

Celebration: to celebrate team spirit in the work place and corporate’s achievements

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